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All merchandise is store returns and overstock from the top supply companies in America. Labels, staplers, paper items, ink, and much more...Name brands include Avery, Sanford, and may more.

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All New School Back Pack: All new 1st quality school backpacks. Huge selection of Colors and styles. Each case packs 36 pieces of assorted colors and styles. Retail value of these back pack are up to $29.99. Minimum order is 504 pieces. Your cost is as low as $3.50 each. FOB Florida. GET READY FOR SCHOOL

wholesale school backpacks
discount school backpacks
discount school backpacks

School Office/Supplies: All New Merchandise: May contain a selection of mixed brand name items: pencils, pens, markers, folders, binders, note pads, note books, dividers, tape, rulers, agenda, high lighters, calculators, glue sticks, white out, scissors, erasers and much more. Please call for a super low price!!!

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closeout pen pencil set
closeout leatherbound journals

Office Supplies/Stationary: Customer returns and may contain some overstock. Huge selection of office products: paper products, pens, markers, school supplies, computer cases, fax machines, tapes, briefcases, telephones, notebooks and more. As low as 5% on the dollar. FOB Mich./N.J.

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Inventory fluctuates on a daily basis. Please use this form to contact us. You'll receive our pallets list and a list of the store and manufacturer codes that supply us. (Because of our prices, we aren't allowed to publish them online.) Thanks!


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