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¡Atención! / Attention! Somos exportadores y siempre tenemos todo tipo de mercancía disponible, incluyendo: / nous avons ¡ropa, zapatos, joyas, producos electrónicos, juguetes, herramientas, muebles y mucho más! / des vétements, des l'électroniques, des jouets et plus!

We handle everything, including:

  • Freight Forwarding,
  • Customs Clearance,
  • Ocean Freight,
  • Door To Door, and
  • Door To Port Service.

We asked:

What do customers need when they are faced with customs regulations, transportation across borders, and the complexities of international documentation requirements?

The answer was clear:

A full-service company that provides personalized service, reliable handling of goods, and guaranteed results.
When you're shipping goods, time is money. You don't need problems. You want to avoid red tape. We're here to make sure the transfer of our customers' products goes smoothly...and to ensure the safety and good condition of those products when they arrive at their destination. CloseoutsSalvage.com takes care of the details.

Inventory fluctuates on a daily basis. Please use this form to contact us. You'll receive our pallets list and a list of the store and manufacturer codes that supply us. (Because of our prices, we aren't allowed to publish them online.) Thanks!


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