We Are NOT Brokers

We are not brokers - we own all the salvage, liquidation, closeouts and surplus merchandise that we offer to our customers. Due to our large volume of loyal customers, we are at the top and have major buying power. Many other brokers and suppliers that are offering the same merchandise are buying from us. So, the way to save money and increase your profits is to buy direct from CloseoutsSalvage.com, your #1 direct surplus, salvage, liquidation and closeouts wholesaler.

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CloseoutsSalvage.com will beat any written proposal on all department store returns. Just call or fax us the written proposal. CloseoutsSalvage.com will beat the price. Please call us for details.

CloseoutsSalvage.com supplies wholesalers, exporters, retailers, auctioneers, brokers, flea market vendors and distributors.

Inventory fluctuates on a daily basis. Please use this form to contact us. You'll receive our pallets list and a list of the store and manufacturer codes that supply us. (Because of our prices, we aren't allowed to publish them online.) Thanks!


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